Frequently asked questions

Please see below a few questions we get asked every so often:

1) Will the RTD fit in my tackle box?
A: The RTD will fit in most tackle boxes on the market today.

2) Does the RTD work on all fishing rods?
A: No, this tool will work on rods with guides that are 27 mm or less in outer diameter with 4.5 mm or larger inside diameter.

3) Can the RTD be used in any direction when threading a rod?
A: Yes, the RTD will thread a fishing rod from tip to handle, or handle to tip. It works in both directions.

4) If the Bobbin falls out of the RTD, how do I reinsert it into the gates of the unit?
A: In the event that the bobbin slips out of the RTD, simply re-insert the bobbin as described in step 2 of the directions. The Bobbin can be inserted into the gates of the RTD with or without line attached.

5) Does the RTD require special care or maintenance?
A: No, the RTD was designed with durability in mind. To best care for your RTD, dry the RTD and store away from harsh weather conditions.  You can clean with soap and warm water.

6) Does the RTD float?
A: No, the RTD will sink in water, however you can use a lanyard attached to a float or your person to float/secure the RTD.

7) Are replacement Bobbins available?
A: Yes, replacement Bobbins are available for purchase. Look for these at your RTD retailer or order direct from