The ROD THREADING DEVICE from Erupt Fishing

The fastest way to thread your fishing rod.


Just slide the RTD along your rod. Done.


*The RTD works on all types of rods. Micro guides excluded.

Bad eyesight, bad weather, shaky ground?

No problem for the RTD. Thread your rod in seconds. Every time.

The patented Rod Threading Device (RTD) solves the usual headaches associated with threading line through rod guides. The line attaches to the bobbin with a simple tug and then the RTD self-centers itself to feed the line through each guide as it is advanced by hand up or down the rod.

How to use your RTD

Step 1

Fasten your fishing line to the RTD bobbin.

Step 2

Run your RTD along your Rod and unhook your line from the RTD.





This is what our customers have to say:

A Must Have Addition

I was extremely skeptical of the RTD at First. That was till I got a chance to try it for myself. I was blown away with how simple the design was. It was definitely a why didn't I think of that moment! I highly recommend this item. Great for Threading multiple rods at once or for anglers that have vision and hand problems. The RTD Is worth every penny also makes a great gift for the angler has everything!

ZornFish, New Jersey

Major time saver for crappie fisherman!

Best product to hit the market in many years. This is not a gimmick! It saves me 20 min on relining 14' Jenko Slab City's.

Tony S., Kentucky

The fishing line manufacturers should be thanking these guys.

As and early adopter and a beta tester I was sold on the product right away. Running new line is now so fast and easy, the dread of changing line virtually goes away. The fact that you can change out the end piece for different size guides is great as well. The RTD is small enough to fit in most tackle boxes so it's convenient to keep one or more around. Keep up the good work Erupt Fishing!

Matt H., Indianapolis

Best Fishing Product Ever

I purchased the RTD and this product has solved a huge problem for me, that is stringing rods up. In the past I have hated to do this task because I always get to the top of the rod and then drop the line and have to start all over again. Also when I go to bring line to the reel when I am re-spooling is a huge hassle when I have 15 rods to get ready the night before. The RTD saves me time and it works under all conditions with any kind of line. Also it does not matter if it is windy, cold, low light. ECT. The RTD by Erupt Fishing always works. This is the best product to come out in fishing I have seen in years. You got to buy this you will love it like I do.

John M., Omaha, Nebraska

Works very well

If your eyes aren't the best anymore or you have fat fingers this makes threading a long fly rod MUCH easier. No more starting over as you get to the last eye and drop the line.

Mary Ann Sell

Great product!

This is a good device to have if you are a tournament angler and rig up several rods, and if you are a person with eyesight issues, or arthritis in the hands or you have to rig rods in limited light, like at night. It has some limitations. It won't work on micro guide rods, and it won't work on the stripper guide (the 1st guide) on spinning rods but it will work on the rest of the guides. It also doesn't like thin braid (10#). I had to tie an overhand knot on the bobbin to keep the braid on the device. Not a big deal though. Overall I love this device. I've purchased 3 of them.

D. Wise

Love it!

Works like a charm! Great for anyone. Threading a rod has never been so quick and easy.

Archie McCauley

Works just as advertised!!

I was skeptical when I first saw this product. However; it works amazingly!! Couldn’t be happier!


Will be on Every Boat in 10 Years

Amazing product. Absolute must have. Saves so much time for an angler with multiple rods needing to get set up for a tournament or just a weekend of fun fishing. Be the best fishing buddy in your group and give these as gifts. Will absolutely blow the minds of your buddies. I wish I would have had mine years ago.